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Prepare Your Record

I have always been struck over and over again with this verse from the Qur’an:

“For every human, We have tied his deeds’ recorder to his neck, and on the Resurrection day We shall present to him his record widely spread. Read your record; enough is you today a judge upon your own deeds.” [The Qur’an (17:14)].

This verse presents the foundation upon which raising sound hearts is built. Every person should ponder over his own deeds everyday, and ask himself, ‘Were my deeds and actions today praiseworthy? Were they blameworthy? Or were they just neutral?’

If every person truly believes that his deeds are recorded, and he concentrates on judging himself, judging his own faults and misdeeds; verily, he shall always try to do better, and make the proper amends to clear his record. Moreover, he won’t look for other people’s faults and errors. He shall come to understand that all people are sinners, and all people make mistakes; so shall he realize that the best of all people are not those fake phonies who think so high of themselves, but they are those who always try to repent, and return to righteousness.

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. said, “Follow the bad deed with a good one, and it shall erase it, and treat people with good manners; verily, the best among you, are those with best manners.” [Recorded by Tirmidhī].

And he said, teaching Muslims about Allah’s mercy, “Allah records all good deeds and misdeeds. If any of you intended to make a good deed, and actually does it, Allah records it as ten good deeds to seven hundred multiples and more [i.e. according to your perfection]. If you intended to make a misdeed, and refrained from doing it, it’s recorded as a good deed, but if you do it, it’s recorded as one misdeed only.” [Recorded by Bukhari and Muslim].

He also said: “Those who are merciful are treated mercifully by the All Merciful. So be merciful to those on earth, and you shall receive mercy from the One above the heavens.” [Recorded by Tirmidhī].

Hence, by all means, fill your record with continuous repentance, sincere persistence on being a better person, and fill your heart with mercy for all creatures; this is your doorway to join those with sound hearts in the hereafter.

May Allah guide us and all people to what’s right, Amen.


Written by: Ehab Shawky

In response to: RECORD



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