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Immersed In Music

Among the amazing phenomena of the Qur’an and the Islamic call for prayers is that they are both immersed in music, or more likely to say, music is immersed amidst their words to an extent that makes them both inseparable.

Ever since the Qur’anic recitation started 1400 years ago, the sound of music found there in, has always stolen the hearts of those who listened. The greatest Arab poets of all ages have stood in awe in front of the beautiful rhythmic recitation that is neither poetry nor prose, but one of very unique nature. Even today you can still see people being deeply touched when they listen to the Qur’an while they are not Muslims, nor do they know any Arabic. The method in which the prophet taught Muslims how to recite the Qur’an, was later developed in to a complete branch of the Islamic sciences known as the science of perfection or (‘Ilm Al-Tajweed). Amazingly, if this science, or method of recitation is tried on any book other than the Qur’an, it fails and doesn’t work.

What truly stuns me, is that those voices we deem beautiful when we listen to reciting the Qur’an, or calling for prayers, are actually extremely hoarse and gruff when they speak normally. What happens to their voices when they recite the Qur’an, is something that only specialists and physicians maybe able to explain. Personally, I refer this back to the sensational music immersed in the words. Immerse some feelings in your voice as you speak, and it will surely sound a lot better.

This is a complete version of the Adhan performed by an UAE sheikh, if you would like to try listening to it:

N.B.: In the original post, I added a link to a youtube vid I came across and liked. It showed a cute little girl’s reaction when she first heard the Adhan. I first added its link with pure intentions, but then I realized that it was inappropriate to add it as it was the property of other people. By all means, I apologize for this honest mistake.

Written by: Ehab Shawky

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