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Conqueror of Hearts

Mahatma Gadhi

Many non-Muslim thinkers, historians, poets, politicians, etc., studied Prophet Muhammad’s life, and spoke publicly, or even wrote books describing the man whose life they explored thoroughly. Some of them were among the most renowned during their time, and they still are. By all means, you don’t have to embrace someone’s ideas in order to respect him or her. Knowing people… knowing the other, is the most treasured hoard of our human heritage; If we neglect it, then we are wasting a considerably huge portion of that heritage along with part of our humanity.

I have always been unable to understand why most Western communities hate Prophet Muhammad, or at the very least, don’t like him. As a Muslim, I usually read comments like, Muhammad was a rapist, a womanizer, a bloodthirsty tyrant, a pedophile, etc.”
Doesn’t it ever occur to the brilliant persons who repeat the previous that Muslims actually have responses to all those accusations? This question has always irritated me, because if it does occur to them that we do have answers, then why don’t they ask us; and if it doesn’t, then frankly speaking, they are total idiots to think that billions of human beings would follow, love, and treasure the teachings of such a person for over 1400 years, and continue to do so without ever decreasing in number.


Any objective, reasonable person, knows by heart that it’s illogical and unfair to judge someone without knowing him, or exploring his life from reliable authentic sources. Any fair person knows that it’s totally unjust and libellous to build a false image for a dead person, ignoring the opinions of those who knew him, like his companions, wives, relatives, students, and those who believed in him.

Today, Prophet Muhammad’s grave is visited annually by over 40 million Muslims, males and females. Do you know any other person in the history of mankind who is that loved, and that missed! Some western writers developed the term “Muhammadenism,” and they called Muslims “Muhammadans.” This is a totally foreign unrecognized word for the majority of Muslims, that’s because they do not worship Muhammad, or think of him as divine. Visiting someone’s grave never means that you worship him, it simply means that you love him and miss him so much. Don’t you visit your mother’s or father’s grave? Don’t you visit the graves of your beloved ones? It’s exactly the same for all Muslims, they visit the grave of a person they have come to know, believe in, and are enamoured of. They visit the grave of their model and hero.

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. didn’t conquer lands or communities as propagated in the western media, he conquered hearts. I have seen men and women, old and young, crying in tears on reading parts of his teachings, and how he lived. If I’m ever asked to describe him in a few words, I would say that “He was a magnificent conqueror of hearts.”

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Written by: Ehab Shawky


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