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Unlike what many Muslims think, refuting misconceptions thrown at Islam is not a football game in which one is trying to score as much goals as possible, and make fun of his or her opponent. Many accusations are rational and need logical answers and explanations, and many accusers are truly objective in their presentation of the issue. The duty of a sincere Muslim is to explain the matter to those who are objective in the simplest way possible, and in a language which they know and understand.

Please understand that it’s easy to throw tons of accusations in a couple of minutes, but refuting them needs a long argumentation and explanation. If a person was keen on understanding the truth about any issue, he or she won’t follow the attitude of throwing a lot of accusations, but would put one accusation forward in the form of a direct honest question. Any controversial issue can be discussed in a civilized academic manner, and the final judgment should be left for the listeners. No one can claim that he or she knows the absolute truth, we could only do our best to become avid truth seekers. Any sincere faithful person should be an avid truth seeker. His intention should always be fixed upon finding the truth, and clarifying it for others to the best of his or her capacity. If he succeeds in doing so, then this shall be better for him than all the riches of this world. If he fails, then he should hope that he was not good enough, may the deniers receive a better preacher who succeeds in conveying the truth to them in a better manner.

Allah tells Prophet Muhammad in the Qur’an:
“Perhaps you will destroy yourself with grief if they do not believe in this message. We have adorned the earth with attractive things, so that We may test mankind as to which are the ones best in conduct.” [The Qur’an (18:6-7)].
“Say (O Muhammad), ‘This is the truth from your Lord. Let whoever wills believe in it, and whoever wills deny it’.” [The Qur’an (18:29)].
The verses relate to us how keen the prophet was on delivering his message to everyone, and how sad he was for the deniers. This should make it crystal clear that the failure to guide others is not something easy or insignificant; on the contrary, it’s grievous and we should try to evade it as hard as we can. The verses also relate to us how some people are distracted by the attractive materialistic matters of life from their duty to seek after the truth, and make it victorious. This should make it crystal clear that one of our most important duties as thinking humans: is to seek avidly after the truth, and try to clarify it for others.

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. said: “No man realizes the truth about faith except when he loves for all people what he loves for himself.” [Recorded by Ahmad].

I hope that all sincere avid truth seekers will be gathered some day in a better place, no matter how different they used to be, a place in which no more arguments are heard, a place in which all people shall rejoice with Allah’s reward, Amen.


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Written By: Ehab Shawky

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