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Allah Is Near

‘I am at my servant’s expectations, and I am with him whenever he calls onto me. If he draws near me one span of a hand, I draw near him a cubit; if he draws near me a cubit, I draw near him an ell; and if he approaches my path walking, I approach him hurriedly.’ [Islamic Holy Tradition]

I have always been struck over and over again with the above holy tradition. Truly, no one ever knows the true meaning of faith except when he or she gets to know how it’s like to have a heart inclination towards solitude for the sake of Allah’s remembrance. When this happens to any person, he starts to experience some overwhelming feelings of kindness, goodness, and piety. He begins to prefer praying over having fun. His presence amidst the people is of a physical nature, but his soul, heart and mind are somewhere else, he is always seeking the companionship of his Lord.

Nothing of this worldly life seems to matter any more, this life is just a quick trip which he has to make in order to reach his destination. It’s enough to remember Allah to be relieved of all worries and fears. Even when any tribulation befalls a person in this state, he shows patience for he knows that Allah is watching over him and listening to his supplications.
“When My servants ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayers of every suppliant when he calls on Me.” [The Qur’an (2:186)].
“Rely upon the Ever-Living who does not die and exalt Allah with His praise.” [The Qur’an (25:58)].

Those who are righteous taught us that: “How poor are the people who depart this life without tasting the best of its bests, that is Loving Allah and knowing His remembrance.” Imam Hassan Al-Basry said: “Allah’s beloved are those who taste this life’s blessings with what they have known of invoking upon and whispering to their Lord, and with the beauty they have found in their hearts of His remembrance.”

It was once told to an old Muslim Bedouin that he was extremely ill and there was no cure for his illness, so he said: “To whom shall I return if I die?” They answered him: “To Allah,” he then said: “Then why should I worry from returning to the one from whom I only see what’s good and beautiful?”

Written by: Ehab Shawky

In Response to: Relieved


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