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The Gates of Heaven

Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud’s Last Words to Muslims
Translated by: Ehab Shawky


The human soul is like an ocean; it looks very calm on the surface, but in its depth, there are sharks, wales and piranhas. Likewise, in the soul’s depth there is envy, conspiracy and spite…

Before man ever dove into the depths of the ocean to discover what lies beneath its surface, no one ever imagined that these depths could hold such amazing images… Likewise, if it was ever destined for man to dive into the depths of his soul, indeed he will discover what’s much more amazing…

He will get to see the true existence, he will see the internal heavens which no one before ever uncovered. He will see the true sun of prevision, the true lights of the soul, and the stage of thoughts. He will discover the basement of premonition, and the cave of hidden intentions. He will see the beasts of envy, the monsters of spite, and the demons of revenge. Indeed, the depths of the soul is an amazing place.

The human soul that produced for us Shakespeare’s writings, Beethoven’s music, Al-Mutanabi’s poetry, and Newton’s knowledge; the soul that found within itself enough space for the acceptance of Muhammad’s magnificent mercy must be a truly amazing vast universe that remains covered.

Allah says in the holy tradition: “My created heavens and earths could not bear to hold me, but the soul of my believing servant held me. This is the human soul and what it can bear to hold.”

It could never occur to me that this whole amazing creation resulted from some kind of creative chaos, that’s impossible.

Allah gives us examples from the perceived world on the amazing existence of the hereafter; He placed what’s seen as an evidence on what’s unseen. This life in all of its facets is a living example for the hereafter; in this life there are tasty fruits, running rivers and water springs, palaces, and beautiful women; likewise, in the hereafter, there will also be amazing fruits, marvelous rivers and water springs, magnificent palaces, and fair wives. In this life there is also fire and suffering; likewise in the hereafter there shall be fire and torment.

In the Qur’an, Allah mentions for us what Talut said to his soldiers during their march towards the battle field: “And when Talut set out with his forces, he said to them, ‘God will test you with a river: whoever drinks from it, he is not with me; and whoever abstains from drinking, he is with me; and let there be no blame upon one who sips only a handful from it.’ But, except for a very few of them, they all drank [their full] from it.” [The Qur’an 2:249]

In these words, Talut connected having victory in the battle with having victory on the soul’s desires. In spite of your thirst, don’t drink; and if you fall extremely thirsty, then suffice with one handful sip. What was the outcome of his order? “They all drank from it except for a very few of them,” and those few are always the outnumbered few in every age and every time; their slogan is:

“We resist indulging into what we love, and remain steadfast against what we hate.”

The gateway to heaven through life could be summarized in those few words,

“We resist indulging into what we love, and remain steadfast against what we hate.”

This life is like Talut’s river, it is running underneath our feet, and every one of us is sipping from it. One takes what’s barely enough, and another drinks more than he can bear to hold in his loins… “They all drank from it except for a very few of them”… Allah created this worldly life to sort out those very few from among all people… He created this worldly life to sort out those few and admit them into heaven’s paradise in the hereafter, that’s because those are His truthful servants who are worthy of His companionship… As for the remaining ones, they are the agitators of lusts in this life and so they shall be the agitators of fire in the hereafter.

May Allah help us be among those who resist indulging into what they love, and remain steadfast against what they hate.


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