Shimmer of Heaven

Beyond the road of life, roses on each side, stairs reaching into the clouds, grey like silver, softly shining onto the horizon. Gigantic trees spread all around, branches bending down towards the reaching hands, fruits eager to be picked, in their shades riders travel for months, walking above soil of topaz, ruby and sapphire, from which musk exudes filling up the air, besides glittering endless rivers, of honey, milk and wine, whose water is sweeter than honey and better smelling than Jasmine.

Beyond the road of life, youth restored and permanent, faces luminous like the full moon, backs straight standing tall, strong like never before, dressed from brocaded fabric, no more maladies, no more pains, in palaces of crystal dwells married twains, what no eyes have seen, not even in their wildest dream. Like flowers eat and emanate the most beautiful smells, so will the successors. Like heroes ride flying horses in fairy tales, so will the winners. All lovers shall walk side by side, hand in hand. All of what they dreamed of has finally come true. All of what they ever desired, they have finally acquired. Father and son young together, mother and daughter charming forever. Dwelling in lands whose end they can never reach, whose peculiarities no soul can preach.

Beyond the road of life, walking up the emerald stairs, reaching for the light up ahead, golden stars shining on each step, flying sparkles saluting the foot steps, singing the most beautiful chants, never had an ear heard such a beautiful voice, instruments playing beautiful melodies, in their waves all inhabitants rejoice, free from all worries.

Beyond the road of life
there is another shimmering life
for which every soul should strive.

Among what Allah says about heaven in the Qur’an:
“ ‘O My [faithful] servants, you need not fear this Day, nor shall you grieve’—those who believed in Our revelations and surrendered there wills to ours. ‘Enter heaven rejoicing, both you and your spouses!’ ” [The Qur’an (43:68-70)].

“Some faces on that Day will be radiant, well pleased with the result of their striving, in a sublime garden, where they will hear no idle talk, with a flowing spring, raised couches, and goblets set at hand, cushions ranged, and carpets spread out.” [The Qur’an (88:9-14)].

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Inspired By The Qur’an’s description of heaven
Written By: Ehab Shawky
In Response to: Shimmer


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