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The Divine Rhyme

In some previous posts I have discussed what the Qur’an represents for Muslims, how it was gathered, why we believe that it’s a divine book revealed by the sole creator of all that exists, etc. Among the facets of its inimitabiliy is the divine rhyme included in its verses. I know that reading a translation of the book would never transfer the sense Muslims get when reading the original Arabic text, but listening to the verses while reading their translation, is surely a different thing. This is why this post will be a simple trial to convey to you part of the feelings which reciting the Qur’an, or listening to it, and pondering over its meanings, evokes inside Muslims.

The list below includes several short recordings of different persons reciting the Qur’an with English subtitles. Don’t take it as an offense or feel afraid to try listening to the Qur’an; you will be amazed how many of its teachings resemble what you believe in to be true and worthy, maybe this will help narrow the gap between people of different faiths.

N.B.: If you think that “Allah,” the name Muslims use in referring to our creator makes their god different from yours, then kindly read my previous post Unravelling Allah. I believe I’ve said what’s enough about this issue in that post supported with evidences.


2 thoughts on “The Divine Rhyme

  1. It always amazes me that uneducated people think Allah is somehow different from God. They don’t freak out to hear the word “God” in French, or German, or Sanskrit..just Arabic. So stupid and so sad.


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