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Assaying Political Islam

Many preachers mix politics with Islam; they seek to drive people towards a certain political direction which have come to exist under the name Islamism. Islamists claim that they want to apply the Islamic Shari‘ah through today’s legitimate political channels. Let’s go back to the beginning, discuss the matter reasonably, and try to assay the ideology… Continue reading Assaying Political Islam

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The Methodology of Preaching Islam

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. said, “Convey on my behalf, even one verse.” Unlike what many Muslims think, preaching Islam is not about converting others to Islam, making presentations about Islam, giving lectures in mosques, having the prophetic traditions hanged on billboards in non-Muslim countries, etc. Those acts neither improve people’s understanding of Islam, nor even urge them… Continue reading The Methodology of Preaching Islam

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Comparative Religion Part II

The story of Abraham is told in the Qur’an at different places. Among what Allah says: “They said: ‘Build for him a structure (i.e. big furnace), and throw him into the blazing fire.’ So, they plotted against him, but We made them the lowest. And he said: ‘I am going to my Lord, He will… Continue reading Comparative Religion Part II

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Islamic Penal Code Part IV

This post is only for those above 18; hence, if you are under this age, kindly have enough courtesy to close the page right-away, this is not for you. Please read part III first, or you won’t be able to understand this post. There is consensus among Muslim scholars that the punishment for fornicators, if… Continue reading Islamic Penal Code Part IV