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Verse 5:51 Unfurled

“Believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends.” [The Qur’an (5:51)] “This verse is enough to prove that Islam is a religion of hatred and enmity. It orders Muslims not to befriend the people of the book (i.e. Jews and Christians) on account of their faith.” [A fellow non-Muslim in a western TV program]. Now… Continue reading Verse 5:51 Unfurled

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Organization Of The Qur’an

Leading a hard life in the desert, the Arabs were accustomed to making their hearts the pages inside which they memorized their endless poems, lineages, glorious events, and stories of old. Many of the people back then were unlettered. Even for those who knew how to read and write, the writing tools as such of… Continue reading Organization Of The Qur’an