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Roots of “JIHAD” Part V

Kindly continue reading from the previous post Roots of “JIHAD” Part IV. Muslims performed the compensatory minor pilgrimage safely and returned to Madinah. The 10 years truce unmooerd Islam; they formed the perfect opportunity for Muslims to preach their religion safely. Many pagans had the chance to think calmly about the teachings of Islam and compare them… Continue reading Roots of “JIHAD” Part V

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Roots of “JIHAD” Part III

Among the most controversial issues that most people, even some Muslims, don’t properly understand about Islam is “The concept of Jihad.” It’s enough to stand amidst any group of people in any western country and say the word “Jihad” in a loud voice to make all people run away, or at least scare them horribly.… Continue reading Roots of “JIHAD” Part III