Islamic Methodologies Made Easy

It has become a fact that many questions and accusations are pointed to Islam & Muslims on daily, if not hourly basis. You can see this in the media, newspapers, movies, TV shows, etc. I’ve always been convinced that Muslims are the ones to blame. They never try to explain their understanding of Islam and the reasons behind their conviction in its truthfulness. They never try to emphasize their creed of faith and the logic behind it in a manner that could be understood by people living in western communities. Moreover, they don’t try to understand the background from which others speak about Islam. The previous reasons, among many others, made me decide to start this blog, and dedicate it to this main issue. Its posts shall mainly benefit those interested in grabbing a fair idea about main stream Muslims.

Kindly note that mainstream Muslims are not those fancy figures you see on youtube and call themselves “Sheikhs,” nothing of that sort. In Islam, there is no such a thing as religious authority, there are only people of knowledge who provide Muslims with there advisory opinions. Then, the choice whether to follow this opinion or that is up to the person him or herself. Every Muslim is a free agent. There are 1.6 billion Muslims all over the world, almost 1 in every 5 persons walking the surface of this earth is a Muslim. Hence, mainstream Muslims are mostly ordinary people you meet on a daily basis. They are Engineers, Doctors, Singers, Farmers, Professors, drivers, actors, etc. This blog is about those people’s understanding of Islam. Originally, I’m an HVAC Engineer; hence, this blog is about me, and thousands like me who are ordinary people aspiring to live at peace, and practice their religion freely without hurting anyone, nor getting hurt in the process.

I shall gladly respond in my posts to any questions I receive through the contact form and related to my field of knowledge, no matter how controversial their issues may be. Any comments having traces of bullying, impoliteness, fanaticism, lack of disciplined logic, or are not related to mainstream Muslims, shall not be displayed.

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Your feedback is always appreciated.

Ehab Shawky Abd El-Khalek
BA in Islamic Studies, received with Distinction from HIISFL, Class 2016
Cairo, Egypt


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6 thoughts on “Islamic Methodologies Made Easy

  1. I posted this on the Community Pool- but I wanted to leave it here too- I think this a beautiful idea. I don’t know where you are from- but I’m from the US and our culture is so naive about Islamic. I hear people make snide comments about Muslims so often, and it stems from their ignorance in your beliefs. I am a Christian, devoted to serving my God- but I respect you and how you choose to serve yours and I am eager to keep up with your posts to understand more.

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    1. Thanks Nicole,
      I hope that this blog contributes in bringing people of different faiths closer. I believe that we all have a lot in common; hence, it’s quite a waste not to utilize our common traits in making this world a better place, and leave behind a decent heritage of humanism, instead of wars and hatred. Thank you for checking out my blog, your feedback is sincerely appreciated.

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  2. I love the fact that you’re presenting your side, but also trying to understand others. That’s one of the most important things, in my opinion. I personally don’t know a lot about the Islamic faith, so I’m looking forward to learning more.


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